InAsSb photovoltaic detector


High-speed response and high sensitivity in the 5 μm spectral band Thermoelectrically cooled infrared detector with no liquid nitrogen required

The P11120-201 is an infrared detector that provides high sensitivity in the 5 μm spectral band due to our unique crystal growth technology. The InAsSb photovoltaic detector has a PN junction that ensures high-speed response and high reliability. Typical applications include gas analysis such as CO2, SOx, CO and NOx. The P11120-201 is environmentally friendly infrared detector and do not use lead, mercury or cadmium, which are substances restricted by the RoHS Directive. They are re-placements for previous products that contain these substances.

-High-speed response
-High sensitivity
-High reliability
-RoHS compliant

Photosensitive area φ1 mm
Number of elements 1
Package category TO-8
Package Metal
Cooling Two-stage TE-cooled
Cutoff wavelength (typ.) 5.9 μm
Peak sensitivity wavelength (typ.) 4.9 μm
Photosensitivity (typ.) 1.6 A/W
Detectivity D* (typ.) 5.0×109 cm・Hz1/2/W
Noise equivalent power (typ.) 1.8×10-11 W/Hz1/2
Rise time (typ.) 400 ns
Measurement condition Td=-30℃, Detectivity D*: λ=λp, fc=1200 Hz, Δf=1 Hz

Spectral response

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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