Mass spectrometry Mass spectrometry

Mass spectrometry Q-MS

Q-MS (Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry) is ideal for quantitative analysis and requires detectors with a wide dynamic range and high linearity. Detector life and gain stability are also important depending on the type of equipment.

Characteristics and functions required for Q-MS

Dynamic range

The dynamic range is important for extending the measurement range of sample concentrations. A detector with a wide dynamic range allows measuring from low to high sample concentrations all at once.

If the concentration measurement range is narrow, this will adversely affect the measurement throughput. Specifically, multiple measurements must be made after diluting the sample, which probably causes equipment users a lot of hassle and lost time.

Long life

Detectors will eventually deteriorate with long-term use. Once a detector deteriorates, the user must stop making measurements and replace the detector with a new one.

A longer detector life means a longer time period before replacing the detector is needed and helps reduce equipment downtime.

Gain stability

Detector gain (multiplication factor) affects measurement reproducibility. If the detector gain is unstable, then frequent calibration is needed, causing lost time and extra work.

Using a detector with stable gain will reduce the time and work needed for calibration.

Detection of bipolar ions

Detecting both positive and negative ions requires a detector with a conversion dynode. All conversion dynodes mounted in our detectors have a high ion-to-electron conversion efficiency that gives highly sensitive measurements.

Recommended products for Q-MS

Detectors Features


Products Image Type No.

Effective area




Operating vacuum level


Bipolar detection Dynamic range Life Size

Electron multiplier tube


r14747 R14747 series Ceramic 6.6 x 7.0 3.5 x 106 0.1 Compatible※1 Good Good Good
Electron multiplier tube r6985-80 R6985-80 Bipolar detection Φ11.0 1.0 x 106 1 x 10-2 Compatible Good Average Average
r4146 R4146-10 Thin 8.0 x 1.0 1.0 x 107 1 x 10-2   Good Average Good
r8810 R8810


Low vacuum operation

Φ3.0 2.0 x 103 0.5   Average Average Good
MCP assembly f14844 F14844 Φ14.5 1.0 x 106 1.0   Average Average Good

※1:R14747-80 only

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