Mass spectrometry Mass spectrometry

Mass spectrometry TOF-MS

TOF-MS (Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry) separates ions as they travel through an accelerating electric field and measures the difference in their time-of-flight according to the mass-to-charge ratio of each ion. Since slight differences in the time-of-flight must be found with extreme accuracy, the detectors for TOF-MS must have very fast response and low time jitter.

Characteristics and functions required for TOF-MS

Time response characteristics

TOF-MS (Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry) measures the difference in the time-of-flight of ions that occurs according to the mass-to-charge ratio of each ion. Detector time response characteristics are particularly important in TOF-MS because detectors must accurately measure the tiny differences in time-of-flight or the time at which ions being accelerated by an electric field reach a certain point.

In high-performance mass spectrometers with high resolution, the detectors must have a sub-nanosecond response time (FWHM). We offer a wide range of detector product lineups available for various types of TOF-MS, including high-speed sub-nanosecond detectors and smaller detectors with a response time of a few nanoseconds optimized for compact spectrometers.


Effect on ion incidence timing

The flatness of the detector surface on which ions are incident is an important factor when multiple ions of the same mass-to-charge ratio are incident at the same time.

The flat incident surface helps minimize the difference in ion-to-electron conversion timing and can in this way retain reliable time-of-flight data for each ion.

Response waveform symmetry

Output waveform (Typ.)

The response waveform determines whether measurement data for analysis is easy to process and use.

Detector: MCP assembly MIGHTION

Bias voltage: MCP: 600 V, AD: -350 V

Floating operation

Detection of bipolar ions

Measuring bipolar ions requires detectors capable of floating operation. Couplings with a high breakdown voltage must be used for floating operation at high positive-and-negative voltages.

Dynamic range

Pulse linearity

The dynamic range is particularly important when TOF-MS is used in quantitative analysis. We provide detectors with a wider dynamic range than previously available products.

Detector: MCP assembly MIGHTION

MCP-in: -6 kV, 50-ohm termination

F14845-11: Linearity 90 % at 3.2 V

F14845-12: Linearity 90 % at 12 V

Recommended products for TOF-MS

Detectors Features


Products Image Type No.

Response characteristics


Effective area


Floating operation Dynamic range Size
MCP assembly f9890-13-14 F9890-13 / -14 Fast response,  Standard model 900 ps to 1200 ps Φ 27, Φ 42 Average Average
f9890-31-32 F9890-31 / -32 Fast response, Floating 450 ps to 700 ps Φ 27, Φ 42 ±10 kV Average Average
f12334 F12334-11 Compact 1500 ps Φ 20, Φ 27, Φ 42 Average Good
f13446 F13446-11 Compact, Floating 1300 ps to 1500 ps Φ 27, Φ 42 ±5 kV Average Good
f14845 MIGHTION F14845 series Fast response,  Wide dynamic range 550 ps Φ 27 Excellent Average

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