Mass spectrometry Mass spectrometry

Mass spectrometry ICP-MS

ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry) uses plasma as an ion source. This is a highly sensitive method that allows qualitative and quantitative analysis of trace elements contained in samples at the ppt (parts per trillion) level.

Characteristics and functions required for ICP-MS

Wide dynamic range

ICP-MS uses plasma to efficiently ionize elements in a liquid sample and then measures the mass of the ions to analyze the sample. Detectors must have a wide dynamic range to qualitatively and quantitatively identify the trace elements contained in the sample at the ppt level. Our detectors for ICP-MS provide two measurement modes with different gains to achieve an excellent dynamic range.

Recommended products for ICP-MS

The R13733 electron multiplier is a versatile detector having two different measurement modes: an analog measurement mode and a counting mode. A wide dynamic range can be achieved by selecting one of the two measurement modes as needed.

Dynamic range

Operating image

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