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MAICO's resolution simulator is available.

The Resolution Simulator is software used to estimate the XY and Z resolution expected from confocal measurement with MAICO based on the magnification and numerical aperture (N.A.) of the objective lens used by the customer.


*The values calculated by this simulator are only simulation values. In actual measurement data, resolution values may vary depending on various factors such as individual differences among MAICO, objective lenses, microscopes, etc., and the shape and thickness of the sample.

Software and manual download

MAICO Resolution Simulator (U17065-01) can download from the links below. [832 MB/zip]


OS:Windows 10、Windows 11

Please read the instruction manual on how to install the software and a detailed functional description.


Instruction Manual[0.9 MB/PDF]


This software is not guaranteed to work on all computers. Please note that it may not be possible to run the software depending on the computer environment.

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