Photo IC for optical switch

What is a photo IC for optical switch?

When used in combination with an LED, this type of photo IC serves as a sensor that optically detects objects in reflection mode or transmission mode. Operation is stable even under fluctuating background light to some extent. These photo ICs have functions such as operating displays, margin display, operational logic switching, sync/async switching, and output short-circuit protection.

How does the SENS terminal (output short-circuit protection terminal) function?

This terminal provides protection from short circuits. It monitors external output Tr current and cuts off the photo IC output when excess current flows (to prevent damage to the external output Tr).

What should I do with the DSP terminal (operation display terminal) and MRG (margin display) terminal when not using them?

Set them open or ground them.

Chattering occurs in the MRG output (margin output) at a certain incident light level. Is there a problem?

Unlike OUT or DSP output (operating display output), the MRG output is only intended for showing the margin level (that indicates whether the photo IC is operating with input of adequate LED light level) and so the output is not integrated or has no hysteresis. Although chattering occurs in the MRG output at a light level near the MRG level (twice the threshold illuminance), there is no problem.

Have any measures been taken to protect against inverter fluorescent lamps?

No countermeasures have been taken. Install a visible light cutoff filter in front of the photo IC or take similar measures to reduce effects of inverter fluorescent lamps.

Can the sensitivity be adjusted?

Sensitivity is set to a fixed value. If necessary, adjust the LED current.