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FDSS is a kinetic plate imager in Fluorescence and Luminescence, and suitable for reading the kinetics of the living cells which those response, calcium flux, mobilization for example, is very fast and need to monitor its kinetic property. GPCR is one of the most highly used application field for FDSS kinetic plate imager monitoring the calcium transient of the living cells. From the basic fluorescence dye such like Fluo-4, Fura-2 and to more various type of fluorescence dye such like FRET, and Flash Luminescence (Aequorine etc.,) reading technology can be used in our Kinetic reading platform.


FDSS-GX is a lamp&filter base High-end system, capable of 1536 cell based assay with multiple washing ability and 2 dispenser head setup for the sticky compounds. It has more flexibility in having multiple of reading settings. Ratiometric Fura-2, Single wavelength Fluo-3 type Calcium flux, mobilization reading are possible. Some dye which requires FRET can also be done by using the motorized emission filter wheel option. By making use of its flexibility, maximum 2 excitation/2emission reading is possible with this system. From basic Calcium influx of the living cells, and to latest trend using human iPSC derived cardiomyocyte calcium transient reading which requires very high speed recording making use of our sensor camera capability, can be done in this system.


FDSS/μCELL is a more smaller foot print, simple version of FDSS for 96/384 kinetic plate reading. Difference from FDSS-GX is that using LED as a light source for more stability and robustness, and Fluo-3 single wavelength excitation type of dye can be used in this system. This system also have an option of motorized emission filter wheel and FRET type of assay is possible. LED line up of Blue excitation, Green Excitation, C/Y FRET excitation, VSP FRET excitation are available.


Both system can be equipped with our high sensitive, high speed camera which enables Flash Luminescence and Ultra high speed recording of sampling, around 10ms interval as the shortest sampling interval, maximum 100Hz, reading is possible.

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